Sorry I haven’t written a new post in the last few weeks. I recently got a new job working for a nonprofit organization that educates the public about current science. I’ve spent most of the last year trying to get a job like this, and all of my work has paid off. Unfortunately, this upheaval in my schedule has made it very difficult to do any writing. I will continue writing here as often as I can, but I may be on a different posting schedule than before. Thanks for reading and for being patient.

In the mean time, I have something a little bit different for you. The organization I work for hosted a lecture a couple of weeks ago on the biomechanics of running. This was the first program they put on while I was working there, and I was given the opportunity to introduce the speaker. (Most of my opening remarks were edited out of the final version, but this isn’t about me.) Dr. Steven McCaw gave a great talk that I hope some of you will find interesting:

Update: Fixed link


About Christopher Eppig, Ph.D.

I have a Ph.D. in biology and a passion for sharing my knowledge and understanding of the natural world with anyone who will listen. At a time where science is permeating public life more than ever, it is especially important that the public understand what science is, and how its findings intersect with their own lives. In addition to the more practical benefits of scientific literacy, I believe strongly that understanding the natural world enriches peoples lives. The man behind the curtain is not me — it is the real world, which we can discover through science, and it is beautiful. Let me show it to you.  Follow me on twitter @CGEppig. View all posts by Christopher Eppig, Ph.D.

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